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Need a jingle for your radio ministry, podcast intro music for your sermon series, or a music bed for your videos? We will use our gifts, talents and years of experience to create music that reflects the unique call God has placed on your church.



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Benefits of custom theme music for your church or ministry


God Focused Branding

Professional theme music that can improve a listener’s experience with your program and create a lasting, memorable impact with regards to how your ministry shares the Word of God.

Powerful Scripting

Voiceover scripts that benefit from thematic references to your ministry identity and custom music lyrics.


Our consistent use of your theme music throughout each program ties all the elements together in one polished package.

A Custom Themed Song to Fit Every Ministry

Our production team will work closely with your ministry to create a musical and lyrical piece that creatively projects the essence of your program’s teachings and values. We discuss genre, tempo, instrumentation, energy level and draw from what your church does in weekly services so that we can create music that is uniquely ‘you’.

This option gives your listeners a more complete understanding of your ministry in a way that will stick in their hearts and minds like only music can accomplish. It also provides you with tracks and variations to use in your other ministry-related media. Use an instrumental version for regular video announcements, create campaigns around a full song that directly articulates your church’s vision and values!


You’ll receive the following 6 tracks in Custom Themed Music Package:

• Full length radio version of your song (Full verse/chorus structure within the song)

Full length instrumental radio version of your song

• Custom made Intro track used in the production of your broadcast.

• Custom made Outro track used in the production of your broadcast.

• :30 Instrumental Promo Bed for Quick Promotional Creation

• :60 Instrumental Promo Bed for Quick Promotional Creation


Chris Liepe

Chris has worked with bands like Jars of Clay and Mercy Me. As a member of the His Productions team, he will handle all of the details of your custom theme song. Chris’ knowledge of the Word as a believer in Jesus combined with his experience as a musician/producer allow him to create music that’s unique for the radio environment. But don’t take our word for it… listen to the tracks and read a recent testimonial from Goodwill Church.

Daniel Wakefield

Daniel Wakefield

Daniel is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter with nearly 30 years’ experience, and enjoys being a part of the His Productions team. He has performed all over the world, and worked with artists such as Jesus Culture, Kristene DiMarco, Leonard Jones, Sean Feucht, and Jude del Hierro (“More Love, More Power”). His songs have been sung & recorded by churches & artists across the country. Daniel married his Brazilian sweetheart Mariana in 2007. The two have 3 young boys and enjoy living in beautiful Colorado.”

Goodwill Church

Goodwill Church has been in radio for a number of years. It was time for a new direction for their radio ministry. Not only did we provide a Custom Theme Song for them, we also helped them re-brand their radio ministry.

“On behalf of everyone here at Goodwill, thank you and the band for your great work on this! It is very catchy and creates an atmosphere of anticipation. “This is going to be cool.” It feels like something loyal listeners will warm up to quickly and then be comforted by, while, at the same time, the curious and the pre-Christian listeners won’t think they are entering into something too unfamiliar or churchy. The “Transform” song connection helps with this, I think.

Thanks again for all your creativity and passion for excellence!”

John Torres

Senior Pastor, Goodwill Church


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