Ministry Video Production

Why tell your story with video?

Because video is the most effective way to share how your ministry or non profit changes lives.


Annual increase of mobile video consumption on YouTube*


Percent of internet traffic that will be video by 2019*


Possible increase in conversion rate by embedding a video on a web site*


Online marketers currently using video marketing*

“What if WE don’t have staffing for media production?”

That’s okay. Many ministries and non profits maximize their stewardship by being conservative with staffing and equipment purchases. In some cases, smaller churches (without media production teams) partner together to make a larger missions impact. It often makes more sense to outsource video production to experienced professionals who are fellow believers in Christ. That’s where His Productions comes in.

If you are a church looking for help with your weekly sermon videos see our separate Church Video Production service here.

Spotlight: Missions Videos

Promise Child shines the light of Christ into lives by meeting basic needs like food, clothing and shelter.

Originally this ministry had been producing all of their videos in house. They soon realized the combination of filming each video AND the post production work became more of a burden than a blessing.

The video production services offered by His Productions provides the perfect solution for ministries like Promise Child so they can focus more on the heart and vision behind their ministry.

Christian Ministry Video Production Services we offer



His Productions will work with you to clarify your video campaign goals. Then we will help you put together a storyboard and script to ensure your message is on point. We will also collaborate with your videographer or photographer to capture high impact footage.

Footage Correction and Audio Mastering

The quality of your footage plays a crucial role in your storytelling. We will correct any issues such as lighting or color cast for the clips to be used in your final video. All of your audio will be professionally mastered in an acoustically tuned recording studio.

TITLING, Motion Lower 3rds, Transitions, MUSIC

His Productions will add your logo and animated text titles such as lower thirds that display a location or person’s name. Stylish transitions can be used between clips to add visual interest. We will also add background music that matches your brand and the theme of the video.


One of the most challenging things about video is getting it in the right format for YouTube and Vimeo. Not to mention the massive time it takes to upload large video files. His Productions will handle all the details of making sure your produced video is available on the platform of your choice.

*Source: Bowman, Matt. “Video Marketing: The Future Of Content Marketing.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 2 Apr. 2018,

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