3 DIY Church Video Mistakes

You’re a pastor, not a video producer

Since COVID-19 began you’re probably wearing a lot of hats. I’m here to help you keep your focus on ministry instead of media production. Today, I’m sharing solutions to some of the most common challenges churches face with weekly video production.

"Fishbowl" Audio

Does your audio sound like you’re across an empty room or in a fishbowl? Poor audio will cause people to tune out or skip to the next video in their feed. Let’s fix that.

Don’t “fix” your audio
I know that sounds counterintuitive. Don’t fix bad audio after the fact. Focus that energy on capturing good audio in the first place. Here’s how…

Change up your space
If you’re in a large, empty room or one with hard surfaces, try a different room. Find a spot where you have carpet, couches, books on the shelves, and /or heavy window drapes. All these things help “break up” those areas where sound waves can bounce around.

Make sure the new space is free of ambient noise like the AC unit running, a dog barking, passing trains, road traffic or restless quarantined kids!

Use a microphone
Purchase a clip lavalier / lapel mic. This will filter out room noise and boost audio clarity. Something like the Rode Wireless Go is ideal, but even a cheap, wired lavalier mic will work. EarPods or earbuds with a built in mic can also improve your audio. If these aren’t options, get as close as possible to your iPhone or camera to reduce the distance between you and your microphone.

Get expert help
Now, if you want to take your audio to the NEXT LEVEL with pro level equipment, recording techniques and production, we can help! His Productions has been helping churches improve their audio recordings for 20 years. We will increase the impact of your video. Connect with me, Josh Brown, and I will be glad to personally consult with you.

Lighting Gone Wrong

Does your lighting make you or your recording space look horrible? Try these simple DIY tricks.

Tackle lighting, head-on
Position your light source directly in front of you at eye level. Strong lighting from the side or overhead can cast harsh unflattering shadows on your face or cause overexposure for the “hair-challenged.”

Don’t mix it up
Outside light and indoor light can produce a weird blue and yellow colorcast. Choose one or the other. Sit near a window and turn off the room lighting -or- draw the drapes and rely on indoor lighting only. If you use indoor lights, use the same brand and model of bulbs so they are the same color temperature. You can also consider investing in a ring light designed for video recording.

Soften up your light
Use a lamp with a shade. If you go with clamp lights, use a clothespin or tape to attach a sheet of white printer paper in front. This will soften the light making you look more flattering. Be sure the clamp light bulb is LED or fluorescent (not incandescent or halogen) or you will produce a viral video of your lighting catching on fire. If you use window lighting, try hanging a sheer curtain or white bed sheet to soften the light.

Call in reinforcements
His Productions produces weekly video church services and nationally distributed TV broadcasts. If you have tried these tips and want more professional results, email me, Josh Brown, and I will be glad to chat with you.

Stressing Out Over Video Quality

We are church media specialists, but not every video has to be professionally produced.

You heard me right. During the COVID-19 crisis, we are seeing celebrities like Jimmy Fallon using iPhones. They are getting decent quality video and great audience engagement. People relate to being stuck at home. They are willing to overlook some less than perfect production. And people are used to seeing amateur video on YouTube every day.

Situations when you should consider investing in pro video production include:

When you regularly need graphics
Does your program need branded visual elements like titles, lower thirds and ministry related graphics? Some DIY video software includes options for these, but they are overused, even cheesy and can distract from your message.

Big time distribution
If your church or ministry program is distributed on TV networks or streaming platforms there are complex technical requirements and high quality standards that have to be met.

When you are raising support for a project you want to ensure the story of your mission is powerful and motivating.

“Going into all the world”
Churches are competing with massive brands for people’s attention. Those brands know how to engage with video. We never want to compromise the Gospel message, but we will use every tool at our disposal to reach people in the marketplace or through their social media.

Breath in, breath out…
If you are stressed about church video production I completely understand. I was adding 16+ hours a week to my role as Worship Arts Pastor to produce our video services. It wasn’t sustainable.

One of His Productions’ church clients has media personnel on staff but STILL finds it advantageous to outsource certain video tasks to us. Let’s figure out how to make video work for you. Contact me, Josh Brown, and let’s get started.


Need help with weekly Church Video production?

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