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Josh Brown from His Productions talks about ministry and church podcasting

Hi, I’m Josh Brown…

worship pastor, coffee lover and founder of His Productions.

Our team has been producing Bible based radio programming for nearly twenty years.

I’ve never witnessed anything like the podcasting boom in terms of potential for teaching ministry media.

His Productions is here to give you insights on how to start your own podcast and to be your trusted ministry partner for podcast production.

Let’s look at why you should start podcasting…

Top reasons TO Start a Bible Teaching or Church Podcast

Podcasting is exploding in popularity

In 2004 Apple started by offering 3,000 podcasts. Today there are over 800,000. And 64 million Americans are listening. (Sources: Forbes, RainNews)

Christians listen to podcasts more than unbelievers

17% of practicing Christians listen to podcasts each day compared to 6% of non-Christians. That’s an estimated Christian audience of almost 11 million listeners. (Source: ProChurch Tools)

Church podcasting can reach younger generations

Church attendance is on the sharp decline, especially among Millennials and Gen Z. These generations listen to podcasts more than any other. In fact, 42% of them listen one time a week or more. (Source: LinkedIn) Podcasting is a phenomenal opportunity for you to engage younger generations and invite them to be a part of your church community.

The low cost of entry to church podcasting and Bible teaching podcasts

192,000 podcasts were added in 2019 alone. (Source: Forbes) You can literally start by recording your sermon or message with your smartphone and upload it to an app for free distribution. Obviously using pro equipment and software will boost your podcast quality, but it also increases your monetary and weekly time investment. At some point you may consider partnering with a church podcast production company like His Productions to produce affordable, professional results.

Church podcasting provides convenient access to sermons and Bible teaching

Podcasting your messages allows members who are traveling, ill or elderly to connect with the Gospel and your church. It also allows people looking for a church to “kick the tires” to evaluate your mission, doctrine and preaching style.

Church podcasting re-engages members during the week

In addition to Sunday’s message, deeper, value-added podcast content during the week gives disciples practical ways to walk out Sunday’s teachings. Podcast consumption at work has more than doubled in the past year. (Source: EX-IQ) And people can listen to your mid-week message while commuting, working around the house, exercising.

A microphone that could be used for church podcasts or ministry podcasting

Take your next step to Starting a Church Podcast

Check out our blog to learn how you can start your own church podcast.

If you’d rather focus more on teaching, we provide a turnkey solution for professional podcast production. Contact us today. We would love to partner with you to share God’s Word.

Our process for Professional church podcast production

His Productions will help you…

Step 1

Develop a strategic podcast theme and content.

Step 2

Choose the right recording equipment for your goals.

Step 3

Setup your recording equipment via video conferencing.

Step 4

Transform our raw audio with editing, copywriting, voiceover, production.

Step 5

Publish and distribute your podcast.

Ready to start your project?

Or send us your inquiry about podcasting production for your church.

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