The environment your program is produced in is state-of-the-art. Our new studio was custom built in 2018. From the acoustics to each piece of equipment, we’ve built a perfect space to prepare stellar radio programs!

It’s one of those rooms where you can set things up, choose from a good selection of top notch gear, and just know you’re going to get a great sound.

Chris Liepe

Jars of Clay, Mercy Me

Computer, Converter, & Software

Each day we use a Macintosh computer with quite a few performance upgrades in our studio. This computer features an SSD Drive, 32GB of Ram, 6 Processing Cores and Adobe Audition CS6 and Creative Cloud for editing and production. After using many converters, the Universal Audio Apollo Twin is now command central!

Microphone & Processing

All of our voice overs in the main studio are recorded with a Neumann BCM104 broadcast microphone and then processed by one of the most acclaimed channel strips by voice over professionals worldwide…the Avalon 737sp. The warmth of the vacuum tubes coupled with compression make this a staple in many studios.



The main studio is newly built with custom acoustics from floor to ceiling. Over the mix station we’ve “flown” a custom made cedar cloud diffuser affectionately called the “cedar stealth bomber.” Directly behind the mix position we’ve placed a frequency tuned block diffuser. This careful application of acoustic treatment provides a wonderful space to edit and produce.



Like many in the recording industry, we started using Event 20/20 monitors nearly 20 years ago. We now use Adam A-7 monitors on IsoAcoustics stands to ensure accurate, clean playback. Combined with the amazing acoustics, these monitors allow us to apply just the right amount of EQ, Noise Reduction, Compression, and Limiting to your program.

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