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  • Complete Editing
  • Music Beds
  • Voice Overs
  • FTP Service
  • Permanent Cloud Storage
  • Air Log Management
  • Select from our Pro Voice Overs
  • Convenient Monthly Billing
  • Web MP3’s



  • Complete Editing
  • Music Beds
  • Voice Overs
  • FTP Service
  • Permanent Cloud Storage
  • Air Log Management
  • Select from our Pro Voice Overs
  • Convenient Monthly Billing
  • Web MP3’s
  • Podcast/Media Management
  • Mobile App Management



  • Our packages include 4 outro’s per book study. If you’d like a custom outro for each broadcast, no problem! This includes a summary and what’s coming up in the next broadcast.


Simply select the radio program that you’d like to hear. Please keep in mind that these files are being provided in the highest quality possible, so the file size is quite large. A high-speed connection to the Internet is recommended.

Radio production for Pastor Daniel Fusco of Jesus is Real Radio

Jesus is Real Radio

by Pastor Daniel Fusco | Crossroads Community Church

Radio production for Pastor Sandy Adams, Calvary Chapel Stone Mountain

Sandy Adams Radio

by Pastor Sandy Adams | Calvary Chapel Stone Mountain

Radio production for Pastor Malcolm Wild, Calvary Chapel Merritt Island

Sound Truth

by Pastor Malcolm Wild | Calvary Chapel Merritt Island

Radio production for Pastor Mark Balmer, Calvary Chapel Melbourne

Lessons for Living

by Pastor Mark Balmer | Calvary Chapel Melbourne


Complete Editing

Unlike some editing techniques used by other studios, we DO NOT speed up, skim, or only listen to portions of your message. Our staff of editors are believer’s in Jesus Christ. They have their Bibles open while they edit your message as if they were sitting right there in your church on a Sunday morning or midweek study. This includes the removal of dated statements, name references, coughs, mouth noises, distracting crowd noise, stuttering, and much more. In addition to this, many of our clients give us specific instructions as to what they would like removed. No problem! Our editors have custom guidelines for everyone we serve. Our editing process also includes improving your sound. Most often this includes; noise reduction, EQ tweaks, and compression. Rest assured, we will have your program sounding great! To aid us in this process, our studio is acoustically treated and we use state-of-the-art equipment for analysis.

Music Beds

This is the theme music for your program. We can create a Custom Theme Song for your program or we have a large music bed library for you to choose from or you may provide us with the music you’d like us to use.

Pro Voice Over

All of our production packages include your choice of  Pro Voice Over talents for your program. Four canned outro’s will be produced for each topical study or book study of 6 messages or more. These outro’s are used randomly in the production process to ensure a fresh sound for your program. A fresh intro will be written and produced for every program using the basic script information. You can listen to the other available voices on our Pro Voice Over page.

FTP Service

This service will allow you to upload your raw messages to our FTP site. After production, we will then upload the final program to the FTP site for distribution to the radio station(s) that airs your program. This saves time because you won’t have to duplicate your master CD’s or ship anything.

Permanent Cloud Storage

No matter which production package you choose, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that ALL of your full length edited masters and ALL of your radio broadcasts are permanently stored in the cloud. You can access these files at ANY time.

Air Log Management

His Productions will create a monthly air-log that reflects what your ministry is currently airing. This resource is extremely helpful in the distribution of your radio program. The system we use is mobile…so, you can always find out what’s airing regardless if you’re in front of your computer.

Audio Promotions

Each time you air a new book study or topical study, we will produce a 30 second promotion for the station(s) to air throughout the day. We will also produce a 30 second promotion that invites people to attend your worship services and highlights your contact information. Or? Maybe you need an audio promotion for a special event coming up? No problem!

Web MP3's

Podcasting is a VERY important option for ministry that many churches are missing out on. Perhaps you’d like to offer your messages in podcast format? Maybe you’d just like to offer your messages in MP3 format for people to stream or download from your website? No problem! We will provide the necessary MP3s you need to create podcasts yourself as well as provide MP3s on your website. Of course, if you need someone to take care of this for you, we most certainly can…the next option Podcasting, highlights this service.(The format used for podcasting and web media is NOT the same as what is used for broadcasting.)Tooltip Text

Podcast/Web Media

It’s been said that podcast content is doubling every 4-5 months! This is a huge opportunity for ministry that many churches are not taking advantage of. His Productions will take care of your podcast ministry. This includes creating the MP3s and publishing. Initially, we will syndicate your podcast with iTunes. (Submitting your podcast to iTunes is EXTREMELY important to do right the FIRST time…:-)…trust us, we’ve seen critical mistakes in this process in the past that can take a VERY LONG TIME to resolve!) Each week your podcast ministry will be synchronized with your broadcast ministry. This ensures that listeners can catch a broadcast anytime, anywhere!

Mobile App Management

Our media management system includes iPhone and Android Mobile App Development. For those who choose to take advantage of our Mobile App Option. We will make sure that all the media we produce for you and any in-house media you choose to publish will be available through your iPhone and Android Mobile App.

Convenient Monthly Billing

While the cost of your production is based upon each broadcast that we produce for you, we provide the same bill at the same time each month for easy financial planning. You won’t receive any “surprise” bills from His Productions!



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